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NPR animation: Travel the invisible highway

July 16, 2010

NPR animationI loved this charming animation for a science report by Robert Krulwich about insects using high air currents to move great distances. The art and visualizations by Benjamin Arthur are well done and illustrated the story so well. Of course, since it’s NPR, the audio is wonderful. What a great way to make science fun.

Audio report, animation and story:
Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See

Short films

July 2, 2010


The tools to create a great looking and sounding film are becoming less expensive all the time. It’s exciting to see what filmmakers are posting online. I’ve been seeing some rather interesting experimental storytelling in short videos. (more…)

NPR pokes fun at themselves

June 5, 2010

I love NPR. They are great at audio storytelling. They “get” the internet and mobile — the NPR app is one of the best news apps for iPhone and iPad. And they have a great sense of humor.

This video was produced to introduce NPR President & CEO Vivian Schiller at the All Things D conference, June 2010. (more…)