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How to draw penguins

August 13, 2011
How to draw... a penguin

How to draw... a penguin

Sometimes life does no go as planned. As such, I have not been able to post here on a regular basis. But here’s to new starts….

There is a blog series at the Guardian called “How to draw…” for children. It’s very charming and worth a look.

Oliver Jeffers: How to draw… a penguin

The reader’s penguins

How to draw… bunnies

Achew, Achew!

April 10, 2011

Here’s a fun illustration on sneezes I did at work recently. Though I think it was type casting. I got this assignment after I had missed a week of work from having the flu. The following 2 weeks I still was coughing and sneezing. (It’s also one of the reasons why it’s been so long since I made a blog post.)

Here’s the story the art goes with:
Researcher defines four categories of sneezers
But did you ever wonder if the way a person sneezes says something about him or her? Turns out, it can.

The Tadpole

February 6, 2011

The tadpole

This is a cute animation short with a stylized  graphic style. I like the watercolor look of it and the simple humor. The audio design is nice too, great sound effects and a jazzy sound track. It was created by Passion Pictures, a London-based production company. Passion Pictures is better known for  their work for the animated rock band Gorillaz and the opening and closing animation for The Beatles: Rock Band video game. This year, their film The Lost Thing has been nominated for best animated short film Oscar.

The Beatles: Rock Band



Beatles: Rock Band

The Lost Thing

Passion Pictures


2,000 watercolor paintings to create this video

August 23, 2010

The band Breakbot's music video "Baby I'm Yours" animated by Irina Dakeva

Over 3 months Irina Dakeva painted the 2,000 watercolor paintings used to create this music video for the band Breakbot. The resulting film is lovely and mesmerizing.


Top notch animation for a music video

August 4, 2010

Bill Sneed's animation of a surreal night journey.

A charming video of a pickup truck’s trip to the moon. I love the color palette and the illustrations. It really has a unique look.


A guide to 5 top sketchblogs

July 29, 2010

From Loish sketchblog

We were encouraged to keep a sketch book in art school. Today young illustrators and animators are creating sketchblogs. These blogs can have drawings, sketches, roughs, finished art, iPod art, short animations or a mix of all. (more…)

NPR animation: Travel the invisible highway

July 16, 2010

NPR animationI loved this charming animation for a science report by Robert Krulwich about insects using high air currents to move great distances. The art and visualizations by Benjamin Arthur are well done and illustrated the story so well. Of course, since it’s NPR, the audio is wonderful. What a great way to make science fun.

Audio report, animation and story:
Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See

Finger painting on the Apple iPad

June 30, 2010

David Jon Kassan finger painting on a iPad.Artist David Jon Kassan creates a portrait using a iPad in this great video. He’s using the Brushes app and his fingers. It’s interesting that he does not use a stylus. He does use fingerless gloves to keep from smudging his work. A very talented artist and the video is fun to watch.


‘Lost’ finale

May 25, 2010

Lost "candidate" campaign buttons.

I got to have some fun with illustrations for the finale of ABC’s Lost. The art would be used for the Times TV/media critic Eric Deggan’s look back at the series. The designer’s concept was to create campaign style buttons for the “candidates” — the characters that were chosen to be the replacement caretaker for the mysterious island. I set to work creating the portraits of the “candidates” and some of the other interesting Lost characters.   (more…)