Safari 5’s Reader feature

Safari Reader

In Safari 5, this button will give you a reader and printer friendly view of a web page.

I think the controversy about Safari 5’s Reader from publishers is misplaced. The Reader feature gives you a easier-to-read version of an article with a click of a button. It’s also a preview of the printer friendly version. You can only use Reader after the page and ads finish loading.

Washington Post before

So many web pages are hard to read. The time spent on websites is often low. If Reader helps keep people on the page and reading the content it seems like a good thing. As more tablet computers became available, better page design will be a must.

From Webmonkey:
Design for Readability First
Safari 5’s seemingly innocuous new Reader feature, which isolates the text on a webpage making it easier to read, has sparked a surprising amount of outrage from web publishers who think Apple is trying to squash online advertisements and attack their livelihood.

Washington Post after

But there’s been an equally distinctive and vocal reaction from readers,
one that can be summed up quite simply: “Thank You”

From The Guardian
How Apple’s new ad-blocker could save the media (maybe)
The Guardian notes in its review of Safari 5’s Reader feature, “technologies like Safari Reader sound a salutary warning to media companies and advertisers…. From now on, we must love our readers or die.”

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