‘Lost’ finale

Lost "candidate" campaign buttons.

I got to have some fun with illustrations for the finale of ABC’s Lost. The art would be used for the Times TV/media critic Eric Deggan’s look back at the series. The designer’s concept was to create campaign style buttons for the “candidates” — the characters that were chosen to be the replacement caretaker for the mysterious island. I set to work creating the portraits of the “candidates” and some of the other interesting Lost characters.  

(Spoiler alert! Stop here if you haven’t watched the last of the shows yet.)

We expected the final candidate to be revealed durning the Sunday finale. However it happened during the second to last show. The character Jack Shephard (played by Matthew Fox) became the new caretaker of the island. It looked at first like we would not be able to use the illustrations. But I thought of a way to still use the campaign theme. I created a portrait of Jack in the style of the Obama “Hope” poster. The poster ran large as the lead art on the feature section. The headline was “Hope”  with the subhead: “Hope may not be Lost for Jack, the new island protector, and for the many fans who want a solid ending to the six-season show.”

The buttons were then used as additional secondary art. Being a fan of the show, it was a great project to work on.

Hope for the end

Lost finale a giant-sized tribute to a simple idea: The journey sometimes matters more than the destination

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