iPad G3, the first week’s impressions

IPadMy father always told me not buy the first version of any new product. Good advice that I usually follow. But yet, here I am typing this post on an iPad G3. This seemed like game changing product to me so I decided it was worth the risk.

This first week I’ve just spent exploring it, finding out what it’s good at, where it falls short. Right off it’s a great tool for e-mail and typing a quick note. The virtual keyboard is fine for typing a short amount of type. I like that I don’t have to search for a WIFI location to send an e-mail. I got the $14.99 limited data transfer AT&T account. I’ll see if I’ll need to upgrade to the $30 unlimited data transfer account. So far AT&T has worked when I’ve needed to use it.

Autodesk Sketch

From the Autodesk web site: An image of Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad.

I’m hoping the iPad will be good tool to sketch out ideas on. I’ve purchased several drawing programs (Autodesk SketchBook Pro, Brushes, Adobe Ideas and Layers.) While trying them, I’ve found using my fingers a bit hard to draw a fine line. I’ve ordered a Pogo Sketch stylus and after I get it, I’ll post a detailed review of the software. The prices of the apps are low and many are free. I download 20 plus apps so far and only spent $19.00.

It’s amazing to be carrying around a music, software and book store. As a video and music player it works great. The NetFlix app worked fine for streaming movies. I’m going to test both the iBook and Kindle apps for iPad. I plan on purchasing The Girl that Kicked the Hornet’s Nest when it is released for the Kindle later this month. My 5 year old niece liked the free  Winnie the Pooh book on iBook.

My niece was able to use iPad with little problem. I downloaded several read-along book apps for her. She loved the free read-along Toy Story book which includes music, games and video clips. And the charming Magic Piano app was a huge hit with her. (My mom’s cat did not seem as interested in Magic Piano as this cat did.)

The iPad is by no means perfect. Some of the apps are a bit buggy. AccuWeather sometimes shows blank screens. The Layers drawing program crashed and I lost a drawing. Many apps are just iPhone apps and do not use the larger screen well. The New York Times and USA Today apps were not that great. (I think the NPR, BBC and AccuWeather apps are the best news apps that I’ve looked at so far.) Magazine apps seem overpriced and the reviews were not glowing so I’m waiting to test those later. Web sites with only Flash video — of course the  videos would not play on the iPad.

But mostly I’m very happy with my new toy. Expect more posts on my adventures with the iPad. With out a doubt, it is an attention attractor. I found people showing up at my desk all week wanting to play with it.

Full disclosure: I used Apple products at work and home. I also own Apple stock. All the paid apps and books I purchased.

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